Q:  What are the main reasons for an application to be ineligible?

  1. The application is not submitted within the deadline
  2. The applicant organization is not legally registered
  3. The applicant organization is not primarily working in a target country
  4. The applicant did not use the specified application form
  5. The applicant did not specify which action is being applied for.
  6. The applicant did not request a specific amount of money
  7. The amount requested exceeds the maximum specified in the action applied for
  8. The applicant did not submit one of the requested supporting documents

Q:  How long does it take to make a decision on the applications submitted?

We aim to complete decision making within 12 weeks of the closing date.

Q: How are the decisions made?

All applications are first assessed for their technical eligibility. Eligible applications are reviewed by an independent grants committee that will make decisions according to our published selection criteria.

Q: Can the project include more than one country?

The project activities can include more than one country provided these are all target countries.

Q: Can our organization be registered in a different country to the one where activities take place?

The applicant should normally be registered in one of the target countries where the activities take place. We will consider other arrangements on a case by case basis according to circumstances.

Q: Can the application include sub-contracting to another organization?

No, sub-contracting all or part of the grant agreement is not permitted.

Q: Will this fund cover equipment support for starting up media projects?

This is not an equipment fund. Equipment can only be included if it is needed to achieve the project.


Version 1.0

29 April 2015